About Me

My wife Janice and I in South Korea

My name is Ian Davidson and I am an educational recruiter for several reputable schools located in the following countries:

  • China
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • I have been working with clients in South Korea since 1998 and we have shared great success over the years. As a result of my success in South Korea and the positive references I received from the teachers I hired and the schools where they were placed, I was given the opportunity to hire teachers for schools in China in 2004. These new partnerships were quite successful and allowed me to then form new partnerships with public schools in Japan.

    I seek to recruit other professionals for excellent international teaching positions by providing them with honest information about prospective placements. I also like to maintain a link to other countries which I really enjoy visiting as often as possible. Additionally, I am a “travel nut” and my recruiting work gives me a legitimate reason to head overseas each year!