Teacher Testimonials

Nadine M. (Seoul, Korea)

I am not sure if you remember me Ian but I wanted to write you a testimonial for your website. You helped me find a great job in Seoul, Korea and I am here now teaching and loving the job. Thanks for all the great help. You were awesome to work with!

Nadine (Boston, MA)

Jashley & Grant B. (Seoul, Korea)

Ian is a wonderful recruiter! He is amazing at finding the right job that fits you, or if he can't find the job that fits you like a glove, he is very good at finding other agencies to help you find the job that fits you best. My husband and I just taught a whole year in South Korea and loved it! Ian is quite knowledgeable and helpful in answering all and any of your questions. He is very prompt in his replies, it doesn't take him a week to respond to your questions. My husband and I highly recommend Ian. We have already recommended Ian to all of our family and friends who desire to live and work overseas!

Jashley & Grant (Austin, Texas)

Elizabeth K. (Seoul, Korea)

I just wanted to write you an email thanking you for all of your help in assisting me with finding a teaching job in Korea. I am working at Ssangmun ECC in Seoul, and I am loving it!! Everyday seems like a new adventure...exactly like you said! You were very helpful throughout the whole precess Ian, and I appriciate it greatly! Thanks again!!

Elizabeth (Seattle, Washington)

George M. & Amy L. (Pundang, Korea)

Davidson Recruiting truly made the dream of teaching in Korea such an easy process. Ian was so great in responding immediately to emails. Although communicating by email is sometimes frustrating, Ian's politeness, patience, and commitment alleviated the frustrating aspects of emailing.

One of the best parts of Davidson Recruiting is their ability to match you to your specific request in Korea. If you want to live in Seoul, no problem, you will get a job in Seoul. If you want to live in a suburb, no sweat, it will happen. My girlfriend and I wanted to live just outside of Seoul, and exactly as we wanted, we were positioned 40 minutes from Seoul. We go there almost every weekend! Ian thank you so much for your patience and guidance. The whole process of getting here could not have been any easier. Thank you so much.

George & Amy (Grand-Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador)

Scott F. (Seoul, Korea)

Greetings from South Korea! Ian and I worked together for a few months before I found the job that was right for me. I had some initial doubts and was sometimes impatient with the process involved with documentation, but Ian was always great to work with and always maintained a positive attitude. It was important to have someone to talk with who could understand how things worked and was willing to help me out, even when the going got rough. I do recommend his services without hesitation.

Scott (St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador)

Heather P. (Seoul, Korea)

Hi Ian,

How are you? I can't thank you enough for helping me get such a sweet gig here in Seoul. Spring here is absolutely amazing.

I'll finish up at the end of September, after that I'm going to travel & volunteer for a few months-- basically, until I run out of most of my money. I'm planning on spending a few weeks in Nepal and several months volunteering in Northern India, and then I'd like to make my way down to Thailand by spring 2009, maybe March or April.

Currently, I'm coordinator of the Adult Education programmes at DCCLI, so I have administrative as well as teaching experience. I'll be home for a few weeks as of May 1st-- if there's any little piece of Korea you'd like brought back to Newfoundland just let me know :) Thanks a bunch!

Heather (Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador)

Kristen M. (Seoul, Korea)

I cannot express enough gratitude to Ian for his professionalism, time, care, and help in securing what has been by far the best job that I have ever landed in South Korea.

Ian carefully, attentively and swiftly matched my qualifications and interests with a professional school that has mirrored exactly what I was seeking as a next step on my career path. I am planning to further my studies at the Masters level in Second Language Education. I made Ian aware of this, and not only did he help find me a wonderful position in the city that I wanted to work in; he hooked me up with a staff of people who are also pursuing similar interests, and I may have even secured myself professional references for graduate school!

Ian is sincere and very straightforward, and most definitely trustworthy. He encouraged me to consider and reconsider options and contracts and intervened on my behalf when it was necessary to ensure timely, clear communication. Ian helped me secure my job during the busiest of seasons in the West, and he kept in touch with me every step of the way to make sure that I was comfortable with my travel arrangements.

I have secured jobs in Korea through other recruiters in the past, but they pale in comparison and fall very short of what Ian did for me. I cannot recommend Davidson Recruiting enough to anyone considering a teaching contract in Asia. In fact, my brother was so intrigued and impressed by what I had to say about Ian and his services, he decided to contact Ian himself. My brother landed a fantastic position for himself---just 20 minutes away from where I live in Seoul!

Stop searching the plethora of information online and check out Davidson Recruiting. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. It could very well be the best possible move that you did for yourself this year.

Kristen (St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador)

Jocelyn B. (Bundang, Korea)

When I first started to consider teaching overseas I was very overwhelmed with all there is to know. I had many questions and not enough time to answer them all; or so I thought...

When I first came into contact with Ian he was very responsive to my concerns and very thorough in his responses. Ian helped me through my Visa process, assisted me with what I needed to bring, what to expect when I got to Korea and even informed me of various cultural practices in Korea. After communicating with Ian several times I felt confident about pursuing work in Korea and knew that I was prepared to face a new job and a new culture.

My new life here in South Korea is an adjustment everyday, but I know that without the assistance I received from Ian my arrival would have been much more difficult. I strongly urge everyone interested in teaching in Korea to contact Ian as he is your first point of contact to a wonderful experience. Don't be afraid to ask questions as this is a life experience you should be prepared for.

Jocelyne (Ridgeway, Ontario)

Genevieve B.H. (Ilsan, Korea)

I can't thank Ian enough for all the help he provided me. His services were very fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. Whenever I had a concern about traveling/teaching abroad he was right there with an honest answer - a quality that is very important (and sadly, rare) in this profession. I am so happy with the school that I am now involved with - thank you Ian for looking out for me and making sure that I was situated in a city/school that was right for me.

Gen (Rigolet, Labrador)

Hallie B. (Ilsan, Korea)

Ian was a great help in finding me a school to work with. I have talked with many other teachers here who do not have nearly the fortunate circumstances I have with my school. Korea is amazing, I've only been here a month and a half but I already know I'm going to be staying longer than a year. Thanks for all of the help and encouragement, Ian is GREAT to work with!

Hallie (Dayton, Ohio)

Thomas C. (Ulsan, Korea)

I highly recommend talking to Ian when thinking about working overseas. I first talked to him in the summer of 2006. He was very accomodating with my work schedule during the summer. He was able to find me a position that opened up in August, instead of June. I love the city, Ulsan, that he placed me in as well. Ian prepared me for everything that I have faced in Korea so far. I have only been in South Korea for 2 months but I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Ian has been very easy to communicate both in Canada and here in South Korea. He continues writing me e-mails to see how I am doing. He is genuinely interested in my well being. I would totally encourage anyone who is looking for a change in their daily lives to look at teaching English here in South Korea. Thank you Ian!

Thomas (Berwick, Nova Scotia)

Melissa B. (Bundang, Korea)

The partnership between YBM and DRS is of a trustworthy nature, one with respect and reliability. In helping me make a decision to teach English overseas, Ian was not hesitant about providing the negative aspects while still highlighting the positives of living and working in Korea. After all, it is a big decision, so therefore Ian is more than willing to give the "honest jive."

As a suburb of Seoul, Bundang is a relatively small city with all the perks of the big city life. Both the Korean and foreign teachers at YBM are a pleasure to work with and the students add that extra special touch to the day.

Ian has not only helped me with my initial preparation for Korea, but still keeps in contact with the regular email of "hey, what's up." I definetly look forward to the rest of my duration of teaching and living in Korea! Many thanks Ian!

Melissa (Long Harbour, Newfoundland)

Chris D. & Melissa R. (Busan, Korea)

Hello, everyone. My name is Melissa, and my boyfriend and I are from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. When making an important decision to work oversea's it is very important that you have someone you can trust when inquiring information about overseas teaching positions.

I heard about Davidson Recruiting Services (DRS) through a friend that also worked with Ian to find a teaching position in Korea. She spoke very highly of him, so we decided to make contact with him as well. Ian was very friendly and he was always very quick to respond to all of my e-mails. The best thing about working with Ian is that he is honest with you right from the beginning and he is very reliable. Before making the decision to work overseas, we were worried about not getting a trustworthy recruiter. While working with Ian, we soon realized that he felt comfortabe telling us both the negative information about Korea such as culture shock and varying schedules at the schools. He would also tell us about the postive information, such as how rewarding and life changing this experience really is.

With the help of Ian, my boyfriend and I landed a great job in Geageum, Pusan. Our school is great and very welcoming. The company that we work for is YBM ECC, and it has a long history of being a well respected and reliable company to work for. Everything is going very good for us in Korea so far, and we love it here. Ian is very helpful and always goes out of his way to make sure he understands exactly what your interestes and exspecatations are for this field of work. He then, takes that information and finds a position that is right for you.

My boyfriend and I are very happy with his services and are considering returning again next year. When we are ready to make this decision we will be more than happy to work with Ian again in the future. My boyfriend and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Melissa & Chris

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Tim G. (Bundang, Korea)

I was helped tremendously by Ian's input, advice and assistance as first thought about and then prepared to leave to teach English in Korea. From the start Ian presented the experience of teaching English in Korea in a fair light. He did not just say "It's wonderful, you should go" he was honest about good and bad aspects of the experience. It was helpful to talk with someone not in Korea before the actual hiring process began. Ian was available as a resource regarding any issue surrounding life in Korea as a teacher of English. I am quite pleased with Nam Bundang, a suburb of Seoul, the teachers and students are all a pleasure to work with. It is a pleasant environment in which to work and I feel well supported by the staff here.

The location is great! I would encourage anyone who is interested in teaching overseas to consult with Ian before coming. He truly has been a huge asset to my employment as a teacher in Korea.

PS - They love Canadians!!

Tim G. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Michelle B. (Daejon, SK)

Many thanks Ian for all your help. The information that you gave me and the contacts with whom you placed me helped greatly. The school is great. The teachers and administration are exceptionally helpful. I am very happy with my choice both in ECC and in Korea!

Michelle B.

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Michael M. (Seoul, Korea)

My name is Michael McNally and I am now enjoying my job at the YBM ECC in Mokdong, Seoul. The kids are great, and the staff and Korean group here are first rate. The wonderful people, culture and entertainment in Seoul is on par with any large centre I have travelled to. The first week was a little overwhelmong but I did my research. I hope everyone does that before coming over. You should know the situation and what teaching overseas entails.

I found that Davidson Recruiting Services helped me with the whole process. Ian gave me some excellent information and helped mediate an often difficult change. Korea is a brand new place for me and the situation can prove difficult if you don't have some support. You need to find your guide posts as you get used to the place. Seoul is big and always on the move. You need a good situation to make the transition to Korea as easy as possible. I can't say enough about Ian and his help. After saying that I will add that this
experience is what you personally make of it. So get ready for a great ride if you come on over.


Michael M. ( Regina, Saskatchewan)

Cara C. (Changwon, Korea)

When I was looking for a job in Korea I luckily came across Davidson Recruiting Services. Ian dealt with me in a very fair manner. He told me exactly what to expect when I got here and even how to deal with and adapt to Korean culture. When I was looking for a job I was nervous to have just any job. I wanted a job that I knew would be good for me. Due to this I had many questions, which Ian dealt with excellently. Whenever I had a question he would find the answer or answer it as best he could. He was interested in what I had to say and respected my desire to find work abroad. He took time out of his own time to help me find a job in Korea that was perfect for me. I could always trust or rely on his answer because it was the only chance I had to find work in Korea. I have been here for over 7 months and am happy to say that I love my job, I love Korea, and I love the culture. I am quite lucky to have the job I have and be in the city I am. I thank Davidson Recruiting Services. After working here for some time Ian continued to keep in touch and ask about my job. In short, he made it very easy...walking through each step with me and always letting me know what needed to be done ahead of time so I did not feel pressured.

I would recommend DRS to anyone who is looking for overseas work. I can tell you that Ian's service is one you can trust...which after working here for some time you'll realize how important and RARE that is.

Cara C. (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Lana M. (Ilsan, South Korea)

The thought of moving to a different country to teach English never even crossed my mind until I saw a job posting on my University's website about Ian's recruiting services.

I visited his website and was very interested. Ian answered all of my questions very promptly and with great detail, even providing more information than I had hoped for. He helped me get a job offer and assisted me the whole way from learning about the country and the culture, to giving advice on what to do and what to bring, to my arrival in Korea.

Now that I have adjusted to Korea. I can say that everything Ian told me is absolutely true. He is completely honest and extremely helpful. I have heard some horror stories about other recruiters, but Ian is one of the very few who is truthful, consistent, and sincere. I have very much enjoyed my time in Korea so far and the information he provided concerning the schools and the teaching was 100% accurate. I would recommend Ian's recruiting services to anyone serious about taking the plunge and moving here.

Thank you Ian!

Lana (Saskatoon, SK)

Jessica W. (Pundang, SK)

Well, what can one say about Mr. Ian Davidson? Hmmm. You can trust everything this man will and has said to you.

Basically, I have just arrived in Pundung, South Korea. My first
impressions? Aside from Jesus Murphy, what the hell is going on - teaching is...probably one of the most rewarding thing I will ever do in my life time.

Ian helped me 100% all the way along. From placement, to Visa's and contacts...he made it very very very easy. Like so many others have said - Ian is not interested in getting you to Korea ASAP. He makes sure each and every ones experience over here is tailored to their life perceptions and fundamentals. I choose to be placed outside of Seoul - little did I know, everywhere is Seoul. Every city is pretty much attached through the subway, which is awesome! Pundung is about and an hour and a bit train ride from Seoul. I have the "small town" I was looking for and the ability to get lost in swarm when I choose. I wouldn't change it for the world.

YBM ECC (the school program) has proven itself day after day. I was picked up from the bus station by the manager and supervisor, escorted to my apartment (which...has everything you could need within walking distance), paid my relocation allowance, took me to the Korean Immigration office for my alien registration card and slowly introduced into building a life of my own here. They have definetly made this a very easy transition.

So where does Ian come into all this? Well aside from getting me here, he is only a click away. Any questions that arise are addressed quickly and thoroughly. I find him to be extremely trust worthy and generally concerned for the well being of all his placement teachers.

Should any of you have questions regarding the process, or are on your way over do not hesitate to get my email from Ian. And when you get here...I would love to show you around.

Jessica (Lethbridge, Alberta)

Brad W. (Daegu, SK)

Ian's recruiting services were well appreciated. The website was very thorough and included everything from "school history" to "what to pack." Ian and I communicated through email, however, he was also available by phone. He gave very useful information (i.e) I was the only teacher at my school who had nice, fresh Canadian bedsheets to sleep on the first week I arrived (the other teachers were unaware that sheets were hard to find and expensive). Also, he was very forthcoming about the transition to Korean living so I was not overly shocked when I got here. He was always there for me when I needed an answer, both before and after I arrived. I am in my eleventh month of teaching at ECC and having a good time doing it. Thank you Ian for being a big part of it.

Brad (Edmonton, Alberta)

Charmion R. (Daejon, SK)

Ian Davidson helped my boyfriend and I find a great school in Deajeon, South Korea. We both teach kindergarten and primary school-aged children. The foreign and native teachers are helpful and fun. Our Director greeted us at the airport and has treated us with fairness and respect. We have a 'bigger than I thought' apartment and it is located 5 minutes from the school.

I love Deajeon, because it is small (relatively speaking) and it is so close to the mountains and the beach. Hiking trails start 10 minutes away from our house! Or if you prefer going out to eat or shop you are in luck, too! Korea is similar enough to Canada that I don't find myself getting homesick, but still Korea is very different to leave room for new experiences and adventures. So if you are looking to teach overseas, first, do your research and then hook up with Ian so he can help you get what you want!!!

Again we are very happy with our situation and this can be attributed to Ian's assistance. Hope to see you over here!

Charm (Camrose, Alberta)

Rory W., Jochiwon, SK

When I decided I wanted to go to Korea, I contacted a number of recruiting agencies, including Davidson Recruiting Services. Most agencies seemed focused on finding just any school and getting me there as quick as possible, but Ian Davidson took more time in trying to find the right place for me. He was interested in getting the best situation for me and the school. When we found the best option, Ian made the application process quite clear, providing a list of everything I needed for the Visa and all the addresses for things to be sent.He arranged the ticket to Seoul and I was on my way.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the friendly Little America staff and was made to feel very welcome. Throughout my time in Jochiwon, I got to see lots of Korea, met many fantastic, fun people and learned a great deal about Korean culture. Teaching in South Korea was a wonderful experience and if I ever needed any advice, Ian was quick to respond to my questions. Ian dealt with me honestly and fairly and made my transition from recent Canadian university graduate to ESL teacher in South Korea very easy.

Rory (Guelph, ON, Canada)