The Schools

Please find below further information on the schools I recruit for in South Korea. We have locations across Korea with schools in Seoul, Bundang, Busan, Ilsan, Daegu, Gwangju, Changwon, Daejon and Ulsan. We have positions available each month at any number of these schools but peak times for hiring are during the summer for September starts and in February for March starts. Choice of location will depend on what schools need teachers and, of course, if they are interested in your resume and teaching skills. I work with a wonderful Korean-American lady, Joanne, who helps me place teachers with other reputable schools in Korea. I have been thrilled with our partnership and, with her help, I have added a much needed dimension to my recruiting business which, ultimately, works best for my clients!

I have been recruiting for schools in South Korea since 1998 and have had nothing but satisfied customers, why? Glad you asked...because the schools I associate with treat you right and are interested in EDUCATION. A lot of schools in Korea are only interested in you being attractive (seriously...) and parents paying the bucks to have their children in the presence of the handsome way-gook-sa-ram (foreigner). This business model is doomed to success for a variety of reasons with the main one being their use (abuse??) of you, the foreign teacher, to bring in money at all costs. If parents want a 7:00 AM class, a 10:00 AM class, and a 10:00 PM class - and they are willing to pay for it - most schools will leap at the chance to please them and will want you to "do the right thing for the boss" and distort your schedule in such a way that it does not even remotely resemble what they told you it was going to be when you signed your contract. This makes teachers unhappy. This makes teachers leave. Do teachers ever leave any of the schools I hire for? Of course, with many schools and hundreds of different personality types to deal with some fall-out will occur but the majority of teachers who choose to sign with the schools I work for are well-informed, properly trained, paid on time, treated with respect and generally stay for the 12 month contract.


For current exchange rates on all figures listed below, I encourage you to visit a currency converter to get the most current info. The minimum teaching requirement is ninety-five (23.75 per week) actual teaching hours per session. Monday through Friday are teaching days. Saturday teaching is also available at a rate ranging from 70,000 won to 130,000 per day. The pay scale starts at 2 million won (1740 CAD / 1770 US per month) and OT is often available (varies from school to school) at 16,00 won per hour. You can earn up to 18,000 won if you have more experience. With no ESL teaching experience, you would be starting at 2 million won for 120 hours a month unless applicants hold a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree in which case a higher salary of 2.1 million won is automatically awarded. Competition for these jobs is fierce and we have found that they don't really have to do a lot of bargaining to get good teachers. A lot of schools give you high salaries, short work-weeks and then collapse four months in leaving you high-n-dry in Korea with no job, no money and no chance of legally getting a new job as you are tied to the original school and E-2 visa for the remainder of the year. Now there are other ways out but it is complicated and expensive! OK - on to WHY you should choose to work for these schools:


1) High degree of stability, professionalism, and excellent working environment. They provide airfare over and back, furnished, shared Western style housing within close proximity to the school, severance payment upon completion of your contract. Scheduled holiday time is built into the school calendar allowing for out of country travel if teachers so desire. Days can't be taken here and there as, unlike Canada or the US, no substitute teachers are available to cover for you.

2) Teachers who punch a year at one of these schools become "hot" commodities in the ESL marketplace and usually have no problems securing prestigious positions only available to teachers with actual in-country ESL teaching experience. The focus on curriculum and excellence of teaching (remember, a lot of schools are only interested in your services in the role of glorified nanny - sad but true....) make you most attractive to the universities in Korea and these, in my humble opinion, are the very best of ESL jobs in Korea.

3) You gain the benefit of my experience, writings on life in Korea, and counsel for the duration of your stay in Korea

4) Finally, you will have a year of hassle-free teaching at a good school that cares about Education and keeping you happy.

Any questions feel free to e-mail anytime! All the best!