What I Can Do For You

I recruit teachers with Joanne Kim, of Four Distinct Seasons fame, who is also based in stunning Seoul. All the schools I deal with are eager to provide professional references from teachers currently on staff, have an exemplary record for dealing with teachers and offer a very nice employment package for your consideration.

The other bright spot is all schools that I recruit for are familiar with Joanne and have to maintain certain standards of conduct you would not be guaranteed of getting with an average person who decided to open up a hog'wan!

So e-mail and give me a chance to earn your trust, you'll be glad you did!

I can offer you unbiased, honest information on what it is like to both live and teach in Korea. A bit of information I always like to share with prospective applicants to distinguish myself is...I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB! (Well now I have two as my recruiting business has grown to the point where I'm pretty darn busy!) My point in telling you this is to clearly get across that my family will not starve if I don't send you to Korea.

I have been working with the schools I recruit for in Korea since 1998. Since my business started I have sent a lot of teachers to work at different schools and have had very few problems to deal with. I also know what it is like to teach in South Korea and would never, intentionally, send someone over to a bad situation. So having been there I can tell you personally what it like, answer all your questions, collect and send your documents and ensure you get exactly what you want...if that is available!


Before you decide to take the plunge you must realize that you are about to move to a FOREIGN country where you willbe the visible minority - it is a shock to the system but one that makes you a better person for it! I have written an informative e-book: "A stranger in an Even Stranger Land: A Tall Man's Experience teaching english in South Korea" that provides loads of helpful information and eases the transition of moving abroad.

I encourage you to e-mail me and let the adventure of a lifetime begin! I also like to highlight the fact that I encourage phone contact with the school you are to be placed at and provide you with the e-mail addresses of teachers who currently work at the school. This should clear up any doubts you may have about your situation before you go.