A Stranger in an Even Stranger Land:
A Tall Man's Experience Teaching English in South Korea


  • Really interested in moving to South Korea to teach English and just cannot find any "practical" information?
  • Tired of combing through countless message boards, web sites and e-mails with ambiguous information?

    If the answer to these questions is "Yes" then you have finally come to the right place.

    Before I made the decision to move to South Korea I spent hours researching the country and people in an attempt to find out practical, every day information about Korea. I vowed that I would one day write about my travels and make it available to fellow travelers to help them make the difficult decision to move abroad easier than it had been for me.

    In my ebook:

    "A Stranger in an Even Stranger Land: A Tall Man's Experience Teaching English in South Korea", you will find loads of practical info ranging from how to find that great job, what to pack for the big trip, how to set up a bank account in Korea and how not to offend someone who wants you to eat an unidentifiable object!

    Practical and humorous stories of my experiences teaching abroad will certainly provide an interesting read for individuals who want to go to Korea, are currently in Korea or have been to Korea.

    Have a sneak peak at the table of contents below and Excerpt From CHAPTER FOUR- "Life in Korea", for a sample of the book.

    Any questions? feel free to e-mail me at davidson@iandrs.com and I will get back to you promptly.

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    o South Korea: Land of the Morning Calm

    o Travels, Trials and Tribulations
    ____- One Fateful Day
    ____- My Digs
    ____- Kwangju City
    ____- Teaching: My Experience
    ____- All Good Things Must End

    o Teaching English in South Korea
    ____- Private Language Academies
    ____- Horror Stories
    ____- Recruiters
    ____- The Honest Jive
    ____- Hours
    ____- Your "Pad"
    ____- Your Working Environment
    ____- Money, Money, Money
    ____- Conclusion
    ____- Choices
    ____- Universities
    ____- Accepted Standards
    ____- What to Bring

    o Life in Korea
    ____- Travel Opportunities in Korea
    ____- Korean Weather
    ____- The Culture
    ____- What About the Food
    ____- What About Banking
    ____- Miscellaneous Information
    ____- Ian's Recommended Links
    ____- Ian's South Korean Top Ten "To Do" List

    o Conclusion
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Excerpt From CHAPTER FOUR- "Life in Korea" :
Where to begin??? Weird, wacky, and wonderful all come to mind!! To quote a passage from an article I read before I left for South Korea...



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