What We Can Do For You

What Heart Language School will provide:

  • 144,334.00 Yen per month with a paid apartment and AFTER taxes of 8000.00 Yen for teaching Monday to Friday on a regular school schedule
  • If you do not want company housing, your salary would be 204,334.00 Yen per month.

    Please visit the Universal Currency Converter if interested in seeing how much the Yen salary works out to be in your dollars!

  • In August we pay 100,000 yen (versus 216,000 yen) as most of the schools are closed.
  • End of contract pay raise if you choose to re-sign for a second year.
  • A 50,000 yen as a contract renewal bonus!
  • Proper Visa sponsorship from within Japan and abroad.
  • Possibility of several bonuses throughout the year.
  • Permission to find additional work, within the specifications of your Visa.
  • Comprehensive training.
  • Access to semi-furnished company apartments for a reasonable rent
  • Possibility of leasing a company car
  • Scheduled holiday time
  • Option to renew contract for a 2nd year
  • No weekend work and finish by 4:30 daily
  • Over-time sometimes available at a rate of 2500 Yen per hour
  • We also have 7-month contracts commencing September through to March