Teacher Testimonials

John Kingston (Wuhan, China)

Dear Ian, I am enjoying teaching at the Yucai Primary School in Wuhan! It has been both a learning expierence and a great deal of fun. The other teachers here are nice and very helpful with advice for teaching methods. I wanted to publically thank you for your services and all the help that I was given in making this happen. I will stay in touch!

John (Hampden-Sydney, Virgina)

Daniel Veras(Wuhan, China)

My E-mails back and forth with Ian were a good way of getting a teaching position in China. He's very organized and always replied me promptly. In a short time I got a job I was happy with. Thanks for your help Ian!

Daniel (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Stephen Stanton (Whenzho, China)

Davidson Recruiting Services was very professional and thorough, when finding a school in China for me to teach. He asked about the needs I may have and the conditions that I would like to teach in up front, so no time was wasted. He worked hard in getting the right match and it happened fast! They responded to every e-mail and made sure everything was understood. I got into teaching with the desire to see the world, but really did not know how, I would go about finding schools in other countries. I am confident however, that Davidson Recruiting Services can find the match for you, where ever you want to teach. Thanks Ian!

Stephen (Tallahassee, Florida)

Theresa Penner (Dang Yang, China)

I would highly recommend Davidson Recruiting Services to anyone who is interested in teaching overseas!! Ian made it all so easy, his information was accurate, concise and very helpful! It helped to know that not all countries require someone to have a university degree to teach ESL, since I have a college diploma. China is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in working overseas!

The school and the people have been terrific!! Ian arranged for me to arrive a little early and I am glad that I came early to give me a chance to get settled, meet other teachers, and get accustomed to the culture and the city. It would be much harder I think had I arrived just in time to start classes. It's kind of like being on vacation, which is great!

There have been a few minor hiccups getting my apartment organized, like the PC (Chinese characters only!), television and telephone not working, but everyone has been very Helpful and they sorted things out right away. As long as a person is adaptable, friendly and is not afraid to ask questions or for help, you are fine.

Ian set up me up with e-mail addresses of teachers who work and have worked for the school where I was hired. One of the former English teachers gave me some excellent advice when they told me to just go with the flow and I would say that is one of the best pieces of advice I received. Things do get done, just perhaps not as quickly as we might be accustomed to in North America. I can't thank Ian enough for helping me to realize a lifelong dream of traveling to foreign parts of the world! I will be sure to keep in touch with him for the entire duration of my travels. Good luck with YOUR adventure in China!

Theresa (Calgary, Alberta)